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BREAKTHROUGH 1:1 are supporting young people in all Dundee Secondary Schools

Morgan Academy 

Breakthrough Coordinator: Rosie Ivins

Morgan Academy is a non-denominational school situated within the heart of it’s community, between Forfar Road and Pitkerro Road in Dundee. The school serves the Hilltown, Stobswell, Maryfield and Clepington areas of Dundee. There are approximately 900 pupils in attendance at Morgan, aged between 11 and 18 years.  The school is 1.4 miles from Dundee City Centre.

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How to find Morgan Academy:

St Paul’s R.C. Academy 

Breakthrough Coordinator: David Burns

St Paul’s Academy is a Roman Catholic school situated in the Kirkton area of Dundee.  It was established in 2009 to replace Lawside Academy and St Saviours High School. There are approximately 800 pupils in attendance at St Paul’s, aged between 11 and 18 years.  The school is 3.2 miles from Dundee City Centre.

How to find St Paul’s Academy:

Harris Academy

Breakthrough Coordinator: Wendy Hunter

Harris Academy is a co-educational school based on Perth Road in the West End of Dundee. Harris dates back to 1885 and is the oldest public school in Dundee. With around 1300 pupils on the school roll, it is also the largest secondary in the Dundee area.  The school is 2 miles from Dundee City Centre.

How to find Harris Academy:

St John’s RC High School

Breakthrough Coordinator:

St John’s RC High School is a Roman Catholic secondary school based in the North West of the city and within the Lochee ward.  There are 1003 pupils on the roll. The school is 2 miles from Dundee City Centre

How to find St John’s RC High:

Baldragon Academy 

Breakthrough Coordinator: Chelsea Cant

Baldragon Academy is situated 3.5 miles North West of Dundee city centre and within the Strathmartine ward.  Baldragon formed in 1997 when Kirkton and Rockwell High Schools merged.  Pupils moved in to a brand new facility on Harestane Road in 2018.  There are currently 776 pupils on the roll at Baldragon.

How to find Baldragon Academy:

Craigie High School

Breakthrough Coordinator: Faith Bulle

Craigie High School is situated to the East of Dundee city. It opened it’s doors in 1970 to serve the Craigiebank, Mid-Craigie and Douglas areas of Dundee.  There are almost 600 pupils on the roll at Craigie High.

How to find Craigie High School:

Braeview Academy

Breakthrough Coordinator: Rachel MacDougall

A non-denominational school, Braeview is located in the North East of Dundee and serves the wider communities of Whitfield, Fintry and Mill O’ Mains. There are around 540 young people on the school roll.

How to find Braeview Academy:

Grove Academy

Breakthrough Coordinator: Sandra Kelbie

Based in Broughty Ferry, Grove Academy is a non-denominational school that dates back to 1889.  It serves the Forthill, Eastern and Barnhill areas of Broughty Ferry.     There is a large school roll with around 1300 young people in attendance.

How to find Grove Academy: