Let’s work together to support our young people and improve the prospects of our city and wider community

At Breakthrough we have a team committed to delivering change for our young people, but we can’t do it alone. We’re relying on developing some fantastic partnerships with our peer companies in Dundee and Angus. We need your support to deliver for our care experienced young people, for the future of Dundee and Angus. 

Breaking down barriers 

Breakthrough mentoring offers young people insight and routes to possibilities that they might never have considered as an option before. We are encouraging our young people to stay on at school, to achieve qualifications and to move towards a positive, sustainable future.

Breakthrough is a school based mentoring programme and we need mentors to visit one of Dundee and/or Arbroath’s secondary schools, during the school day, to support a young person to fulfill their potential. You can help Breakthrough to achieve this by allowing your staff to take time out to attend one of our schools for one school period (usually 50 minutes + travel time) once a week.

As well as getting involved by supporting your staff to become mentors, we’re looking for organisations to help deliver short, immersive learning and work experiences.

Breakthrough Work & Learning

Can you give our young people access to new opportunities that will broaden their horizons and develop their aspirations – aspirations they might never have had?

If you can help provide opportunities, that include visits to local employers and workplaces, then we want to hear from you.  Sessions are delivered to groups of 7-10 young people and will last for around two hours.  If you are interested in finding out more or want to get involved, please get in touch at

How your organisation can benefit:

  • CSR opportunity: being part of a community of innovators who are changing the future for young people in Dundee and Angus – building pride and self-sufficiency and reducing dependency upon health, support, benefits and treatment services
  • Staff development opportunity
  • Further leverage of charitable & corporate investments
  • Access to tomorrows local talent

Benefits to staff:

• Building confidence, effective listening, communication and relationship building skills
• Enhancing leadership, coaching, influencing and motivational skills
• Challenging experiences in goal setting, supporting and achieving
• Sense of corporate pride, commitment and staff morale

Our partners

Breakthrough are currently working in partnership with the following organisations: