Become a mentor

Empowering our young people

Can you give an hour each week to mentor a young person in your own community?

Dundee’s young people follow all walks of life, so it makes perfect sense to recruit mentors from all walks of life too.  No specialist skills are required to become a BREAKTHROUGH Mentor, just a genuine desire to support and improve the lives of young people.  If you can listen without judging and commit to weekly mentoring sessions (during the school year), then you’ve got what it takes to be a BREAKTHROUGH Mentor!

Apply now to become a mentor and together we will drive change and empower Dundee’s young people to move forward into adulthood with enthusiasm and confidence.

We asked our young people, “what would you like from a mentor?”

Someone that’s kind, polite and funny who will help me find work experience and other things in life. 

Someone who understands me and can listen for long periods of time. 

An outgoing person who doesn’t take things too seriously, unless they have to be – if that makes sense!

Why mentoring makes a difference

BREAKTHROUGH are looking to create change for our young people.  Mentoring can help deliver this change.  Mentoring provides an opportunity for a young person to build a relationship with an adult who can offer them consistent support – the type of support that will see them leave school with qualifications that open doors to positive destinations and life changing opportunities.  It broadens horizons, ambitions and future expectations.  It empowers young people to have a different type of future.

How to become a BREAKTHROUGH Mentor

BREAKTHROUGH are looking for mentors from all backgrounds and abilities with a wide mix of interests, motivations and life experiences.  Mentors will be asked to commit to one hour of in-school mentoring each week during the school year. We also ask that you participate for at least one year (38 weeks, from August to June) to allow time for the mentoring relationship to develop fully.  Mentors must be at least 21 years old to participate in the programme. Start your mentoring journey NOW by completing the Mentor Application Form.

Mentor timeline

The timeline below demonstrates the stages of an individuals journey to becoming a mentor – from application to participation, which will usually take around 6-8 weeks:

It’s important to note that potential mentors will be required to submit a PVG application form and two personal references before they attend any induction training.

The matching process will take place following Mentor Induction 2, after which we ask that you think carefully before deciding to withdraw from the programme – your mentee will have already been informed that a match has been found and will be very keen to meet you!

Support for mentors

  • Dedicated BREAKTHROUGH School Coordinator
  • BREAKTHROUGH Office support
  • Ongoing training
  • Online BREAKTHROUGH Mentor Resource Bank
  • Closed Facebook community for mentors

The rewards

Our young people won’t be the only beneficiaries.  It’s an opportunity to:

  • See a young person grow and take control of their own future
  • Build and develop coaching, motivational and relationship skills
  • Gain insight into the daily realities that many young people face – and learn from their experiences
  • Connect with a young person in your own community, to learn about what motivates them and how they think
  • Meet with other mentors – to share your journey and experiences

BREAKTHROUGH Dundee will be available in all Secondary Schools in Dundee by 2019. Visit our school pages to find out which schools are involved in the programme so far.