Breakthrough and the wider framework

Breakthrough acknowledges the solid framework our education, health and social welfare systems provide, working together in the best interests of our young people to support them to become:

▪ Successful learners
▪ Confident individuals
▪ Responsible citizens
▪ Effective contributors

Some of our young people have experiences that make it harder to achieve their potential within these systems, but research suggests that consistent relationship support in the form of mentoring can help to rebuild their self-esteem and confidence about the future.

Who we support

Many of our young people have had experiences that can have lasting impacts upon their health, education, job prospects, and capacity for future happiness. They can be care experienced, those on the periphery of the care system, young carers, or those living with significant challenges in the lives.  This could include poor mental or physical health, offending behaviour, bullying, social exclusion or any other considerable difficulties.

With some insight and commitment, we can change the future paths that our young people take.

What we do

Breakthrough deliver 1:1 Mentoring, a group work programme of self development and work/learning experiences to groups of young people in Dundee and Arbroath secondary schools. Breakthrough School Coordinators work closely with schools and other key partners to support and manage each element of the programme.

The first part consists of group work sessions, which see our S1 and S2 young people grow their self confidence and self-worth. Sessions help promote positivity and the impact our young people can have on their own lives and that of the community.   It improves their ability to plan ahead and keep to set goals. Breakthrough learning and work experiences in Art, Science and Sport are available to S1 and S2 young people and provide insight into the world of work and the types of opportunities open to them upon leaving school.

Breakthrough 1:1 Mentoring begins in S3 and young people continuing their participation or those new to the programme will be offered the chance to be matched with an adult mentor from the wider community.  Breakthrough work, college and university experiences are organised in line with the needs of each individual group from S3 onwards.