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BREAKTHROUGH 1:1 Mentoring

Our mentoring initiative supports and empowers care experienced and vulnerable young people to set goals for the future that will help raise their aspirations and maximise their potential.

Young people in Dundee’s secondary schools will be offered the chance to participate in the programme through their BREAKTHROUGH School Coordinator. If you decide BREAKTHROUGH is right for you, we will work hard to find you a suitable mentor. Have a look at the school pages to find out if your school is currently participating in the programme and who your BREAKTHROUGH Coordinator is. Don’t worry if you school isn’t listed yet, we plan to deliver the programme in every Dundee secondary school by August 2019.

Individuals within the Dundee community can help us improve the outcomes for our young people by volunteering to become BREAKTHROUGH mentors.  BREAKTHROUGH recognises the wealth of knowledge, skills and experiences the Dundee community can bring to the city’s young people.  We believe that as a community, we have the capacity to improve the life chances of our young people and secure a better future for them and our city.  BREAKTHROUGH aim to find a mentor for every young person who needs our support – could this be you?

Organisations, employers, colleges and universities can get involved with mentoring by becoming BREAKTHROUGH partners.  Partners support BREAKTHROUGH by allowing their staff to take time out during their working day to mentor and/or by offering BREAKTHROUGH-2-Sessions. If you would like to discuss this further, please email

Volunteer with BREAKTHROUGH

At BREAKTHROUGH we understand that mentoring isn’t for everyone – the good news is, there are other ways to become involved. Volunteer with BREAKTHROUGH and:

  • share any specialist skills you may have
  • represent BREAKTHROUGH at Fairs
  • support our BREAKTHROUGH-2-Sessions
  • spread the word on social media
  • perhaps, work with the BREAKTHROUGH team

Please email to find how you can help.