You will have heard lots in the news and online about Coronavirus and how its creating many challenges for people in this country and all around the world. It is important that we look after each other and do what we can to protect ourselves and to stop the virus from spreading. With this in mind and because the health and well-being of our young people and mentors is top priority, we have decided to make some temporary changes at Breakthrough.

What will happen?

  • From Monday 16th March, you will be unable to meet your mentor in school and all face-to-face contact with them will be suspended. This is temporary and only for a short-time.
  • All Breakthrough Beyond sessions (work-related experiences) will be cancelled. Sessions will be rescheduled at the start of the new school term in August.
  • You may still be able to contact your mentor through your School Coordinator- if this is something you would like to do, please let us know. (contact details below)

How long will this last for?

  • These changes are likely to stay in place until further notice. Taking Government guidance going forward.

Can I text or call my mentor?

  • As usual you will not be able to contact your mentor directly, but we can arrange for a message to be passed on to them. Please speak to your School Coordinator if you would like to try to arrange this.

I am worried about not seeing my mentor, what should I do?

  • If you are worried or anxious about these changes, please speak to your School Coordinator. Although we cannot make any promises, we will do our best to try to connect you with your mentor.

Thank you for continuing to being part of Breakthrough, we’ll keep in touch.

Morgan Academy- Rosie Ivins
Phone- 07583050184

St Paul’s R.C. Academy- David Burns
Phone- 07970731255

Harris Academy- Wendy Hunter
Phone- 07976283262

St John’s R.C. High School- Eilidh McRobert
phone- 07976282351

Baldragon Academy- Chelsea Cant
Phone- 07919575982

Craigie High School- Faith Bulle

Braeview Academy- Jenni McKechnie
Phone- 07970943324

Grove Academy & Rockwell- Leisa Dryburgh
Phone- 07970943323


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